Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Clarysta Goes Shopping...Um.. Again

All this money can't buy me a time machine (Nooooo)
Can't replace you with a million rings (Nooooo)
I should've told you what you meant to me (Whoa)
'Cause now I pay the price

Sometimes a girl just needs a little retail therapy. With Update 6 out, I decided to take a look at the store. 
Confession time: I have purchased things with Turbine points. I don't think I've bought any points with cash, but I could be wrong. I am usually wrong at least once per day and I don't think I've been wrong so far this morning. I could be wrong about that though.

All prices are Update 6 prices as of today.

Things I've purchased on the store (freepside):

  • Delving Scrolls (Greater or Lesser or weaker or poorer or whatever): You need one per LI which means for me, I need one about every year. I cannot for the life of me ever remember where to find them. So yes, I buy Delving Scrolls - aka "Legendary Cap Increase."  195tp
  • Cosmetics: Not so much actually. I have most of the clothing looks because I EARNED THEM THE HARD WAY - yeah I said it. I earned them after I got done walking home from school uphill all the way in 10 feet of snow and 30 below weather or however that goes. I did buy one or two cloaks, then I realized that as in real life, I hate overly embellished, elfish-y clothes ingame.  195tp
  • Relic Removal Scroll: Um...I think I bought two way back when we first got them, and then I forgot to buy two more when I deconned my lovely second age when RoI made it worthless. Losing years,  yes years, of relic farming.  195tp
  • Stats: OH OH OH I KNOW THIS ONE! Yes, I have purchased 5 tiers for every stat for my captain. Hey, she's worth it, ok? Geez, get off my back already. I only found 2? low level scrolls in all those lovely GB runs. So yeah, I bought them and I'm proud of it. I probably won't buy the tier 6 ones though because now I'm cheap. 295tp although I know I waited for sales for these
  • Deed Increases: Of course. I ground out all deeds in Eriador and most in Moria THE HARD WAY on 4 toons*. This was a no-brainer. Used one just the other night actually, killing ugly monster thingys in Skumfil. Do you blame me for not wanting to spend more time in a place called scum fill? 75tp
  • Reputation Increases: See above "Deed Increases". Same reason. Well, not quite. I leveled the minstrel up to 70 on tasks so she could have enough rep to buy the recipe journals. Still not quite done with her reputation and now she's out leveled the Dunlending tasks. Darnit.  225tp
  • Task Reset: This time, really do see above "Reputation Increases."  100tp
  • Food: I parked my champ for a year. She was the cook. It was either buy food or starve. I admit that there was very little I needed food for, so this was probably only a 1-time purchase. Maybe twice. Maybe more - hey, what are you, Weight Watchers? Making me track every bite, lick, taste? Geez. It's not like a toon can get fat or anything. 90tp

Working out in Galtrev
Things I Will Probably Never Buy:

Just about everything else. hehe - short and sweet, just like me :)
Ok, details... 

  • Skirmish Soldier Time: Ridiculous. If this was a mechanism for gating, then it was a bad idea to gate this. People who can afford it don't need it. Have all of you forgotten how painful leveling from 30-50 was? Give the lowbies a break and let them play with their soldier. 100tp per hour
  • Content: Well, I might buy it. But I CAN'T. Because as a subscriber I am blocked from buying quest packs and skirmies. For my own "protection." But also effectively blocking me from buying a little at a time before I unsubscribe. Also I think we saw this fall with RoI that Turbine is going to overprice releases bought with TP. No clue how much this costs since the powers that be have decreed that I'm not even allowed to SEE IT.
  • Shared Storage: Honestly, what is this good for? Especially now that it overlaps the wallet. It's like you need one or the other if you have alts, and the wallet seems a little better. Oh wait, I'm not into the whole cosmetic thing the way some folks are so..yeah.  995tp
  • Horses: Too expensive for something for only one character. 1995tp
  • Buffs: Ridiculous to spend "real money" on short-term boosts just to complete content. And I'm not a freep so I don't need them to prevent dying in the moors. Price - not enough to keep the freeps from buying them
  • Crafting Mat Bundles: Ridiculous - account only? If I do make stuff, it's almost always for another player. 25-175tp
  • Anything to do with travel or housing: Easy enough to get around this game and housing is worthless. 

Things I MIGHT Buy When They Go on Sale:

  • Premium Wallet: Honestly I think they got this backwards. Should have been free to put everything into the wallet, and premium (purchase) to share account wide. Useful though, especially if I do keep leveling the other ladies.  995tp
  • Mark Acquisition: Now that they're shared across account, I can see doing more skirmies. I'm probably the only person on Arkenstone that enjoys doing them. Price: 90tp

So there ya go. Store use, per the Lovely Lady Captain.

In another life I would be your girl
We'd keep all our promises
Be us against the world 

In another life I would make you stay 
So I don't have to say
You were the one that got away
The one that got away


  1. Skirmish Soldier Time is also available to purchase with Marks.

    Shared Storage is good to pass things to your other characters that are Bound to Account, because you can't mail them. Like Moria tokens. Or to pool things like dyes, or transfer crafting resources without paying the mail fee.

    Buy +Mark tomes with Destiny Points, not TP, imo. You probably have a bunch, especially if you did not previously PvMP.

    1. This was me talking about the store, so I didn't care about other ways to get these things. Think of it as walking through the mall with me saying, "I like this, like this, OMG HATE!, ewww who would want THAT!"

      And then you'd probably run out of the mall as fast as you could :-)