Wednesday, September 2, 2015

That's What C Said

This post begins a new era on That's What C Said.

 I went AWOL for a few years, barely playing Lord of the Rings Online any more. Real life was pulling harder than the game. The pvmp component was all I had interest in, and even this last year I finally stepped away from that as well. The game was dying; the server had melted to the point where it felt like only 20 of us were even playing. I needed a break and I needed to focus on other things. 

Now seems like a good time to get back into both the game and the blogging. A big change is coming; it has started already as people are switching between servers, looking for a new home. Soon the other servers will start closing and the little community we know as Arkenstone will see a lot more people.

 I'm taking the position that this is a good thing. That having more players means more interesting things will occur. Hopefully new friendships will form. More things to talk about. More things to WRITE about!

 I don't do many screenshots any more, mainly because this PC is 8 years old. The graphics card in it is acceptable, but the monitor is trash. I can't get the resolution right any more and it shows on screen shots. Even though the graphics card is fine the motherboard is old. The new areas post RoI look like complete garbage.I play with the graphics settings turned down very low any way, to compensate for the Moors lag.

You can follow me on Twitter where I will announce posts as they happen.

Enjoy the blog.

 - C

This blog is organized into 3 main parts:

These are in character posts from my various LotRO toons. These characters are the reason the blog is named That's What C Said - throughout the game I've always been known as just C. Clarysta, Claryna, Clarynette, Claryssa, Clarynce, Claryne, and the creeps: Clarrow, Clarymedic, Clarbear, etc. There are a few scattered here and there with unique names but they don't get played much. In fact out of all of these, my BA Clarrow gets the most playtime. After that is probably my captain Clarysta, so those two are called out separately on this blog.

This is editorial or out of character commentary. This post will end up on that list, as an example. I've played this game for 8 years and have more than a few opinions to share. I've met Turbine employees, participated in the Player's Council (2014), and interacted with the community on the forums, Facebook, and most often, Twitter.

ARCHIVE This blog has 59 posts from previous years. They were funny little posts, mostly made to entertain. A little bit snarky at times, maybe not representative of the tone that I'd like to have on this blog going forward, but I didn't want to delete them. I may even reference them from time to time.